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Welcome to the Vertical Gardens, Ectoplasm Landscapes' portfolio. We design, install and maintain vertical gardens. We are happy to help you with plant selection through consultation. Install irrigation, and problem solve difficult areas. Feel free to call to see if we can assist you

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Investing in a green wall is a rewarding experience. They look fantastic, and as a living  feature they improve over time as they grow and flourish. With automated irrigation these gardens mostly take care of themselves. We recommend and provide maintenance services 4-6 a year. Alternatively we can show you how to care for your wall yourself, and are available if you need us. 

Green walls may be grown in soil in planters, or as a hydroponic system. Which is best for you varies with site conditions. Happy to consult if you are looking to diy or need help troubleshooting an existing wall.

How much do these cost?  If you want total plant coverage to start with, $200 up to $500 per square meter gives you a rough guide. However there are many options and we can do a lot with smaller budgets too. 

Happy to chat in person, by phone or via email, if you are interested, no obligation to see if we can help.


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